Shan monk nabbed for rapping regime Shan monk Shan monk nabbed for rapping regime 15 October 2007 S.H.A.NAuthorities in Mongton, opposite 買房子 Chiangmai, have taken a revered Shan monk after he recently made a remark in critic 永慶房屋ism of the Burma Army's violent handling of last month's anti-junta protests led by monks 膠原蛋白, according to sources coming to the border. Reverend Sorinda of the Tripitaka Monastery, 50, was visited by a 酒店工作troop of soldiers from Infantry Battalion 225 on 1 October following his criticism. "The exact words he was supposed to have spok 辦公室出租en were not clear," said a source, "and we don't know who had reported to the authorities on him. We only know that he, like most of us, wa 開幕活動s very upset about the killings in Rangoon." The monk, a native of Maeken, some 12 miles south of Mongton, has been locked up at the town's police station. To 房屋二胎wn elders have appealed to the authorities for his release, but were told they had to wait for the return of the area commander, who is still out of town on army business. Novi 酒店兼職ces and monks traveling to Mongton from southern Shan State are also either being stranded at the Tasang crossing on the Salween, between Mongton on the east bank and Mongpan on the west bank, 房地產 or sent bank to Mongpan. Movements of monks have been greatly restricted since the violent suppression of the peaceful demonstrations against abrupt fuel price hike by the military government last month. 21世紀房屋仲介  .
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